“SpySpin” Mysteries with The “Mole Digger” The American Secret Ghost Government of Foreign Agent Lobbyists.

Riverfox Research Center
Q12 Riverfox™ Research Center
High in the Sierra Nevada mountains rests the super secret creative and innovate minds of the Q12 Team. Imagine, The Riverfox™ Project, the clandestine modern research center for the Q12 Team sequestered in a massive secluded cave with the latest scientific experimentation and multi-talent anti-terrorists products including the research on Rat Pheromones, lethal miniature clandestine instrumentation and beyond. Totally self-sustained with solar energy. Easy access with security clearance is by in-cave heliport for helicopter transport. Summer mountain road access is difficult. Winter access is by snow tractor but treacherous.     

Safe house, San Francisco and Washington D.C.

Safe house, San Francisco and Washington D.C.

Q12 Safe Houses in San Francisco and Q12 Washington D.C.
The Phantom Rats of Washington D.C.The new challenge.So Real…So Unbelievably Real!™ Discreetly classed as fiction

All Nano-Tech systems implanted in me (Isabella Q12) are activated. I’m     listening-recording behind the wall nearest you. Undetectable Plastic,  Recorder-Transmitter-Video-Wireless-Global tracking systems are on top  performance to satellites. Isabella Q12

How the KGB, China MSS Intelligence and Terrorists Fronts have infiltrated Governmental Agencies in Washington D.C.

The “Phantom Rats of Washington D.C.

Felix of the Q12 Team.

Felix of the Q12 Team.

Hello, my name is Felix and I’m  Chief of the Washington D.C.,     Counter Intelligence for Ferreting out The “Phantom Rats of Washington D.C.My handler is Dominic Sebastiani

Isabella of the Q12 Team

Isabella of the Q12 Team

Note size of micro chip on penny. The micro chips imbedded in these sterilized clandestine laboratory genetically trained DNA-scent-pheromones rats carrying implanted undetectable digital, Quantum Nano-Technology plastic receivers-recorders-transmitters-videos-global tracking, are tracked to clandestine previously implanted pheromones scented on specific, people, departments and targets. For lethal extermination of non-complying or captured rats, they contain GPS remote control self-destruct odorless mummifying chemical agents.

The “One Mile Circle of Power”™ and The security of the U.S.A.
The White House, The House and Senate, K Street, Embassy Row and others are essentially all within The “One Mile Circle of Power”™ of influence peddlers, power brokers and lobbyists in Washington D.C. Amazingly, all essentially within a one mile walking distance from the White House, in all directions.. The Q12 team of agent-operatives have penetrated, infiltrated and circumvented this “One Mile Circle of Power.”™ Not  surprisingly, to challenge and control the already active infiltrated KGB-GRU, China Dragon Intelligence and Terrorists Front Groups of their phantom rat squads. Thus, the mammoth dare of confrontation with the Q12 Team ferreting out,

“The Phantom Rats of Washington D.C.

  • Where is the Q12 Riverfox™, San Francisco Safe House and the Washington D.C. Safe House?
  • They have no street or internet address, no name or number. Admission by Invitation only.
  • Exciting tales with The “Mole Digger”™ and Q12 Team. Excerpts and out of context from:
  • The “Mole Digger”™ The American Secret Ghost Government of Foreign Agent Lobbyists.

     So Real…So Unbelievably Real!™ Discreetly classed as fiction

 The Q12 Team term for “Lobbying Intelligence”™ is broad and inclusive but not limited to the concept of Public relations Journalism, Spy-Spin™ Intelligence, Espionage, Government Affairs-Relations Analysis, Propaganda, Intrigue, Treason and a whole lot more.
Some unique features about the Q12 Team.

  • For a Lobbying Intelligence Services firm it appears to make every effort not to be noticed.
  • It is a registered corporation in Delaware. Domiciled in Dubai.
  • Elaborate Offices on the 9th floor, of K Street with safe houses every where.
  • It is not a registered law firm, but does have contracted attorneys on staff.
  • Is in an independent association with law firms.
  • Not a registered Domestic or Foreign Agent Lobbyist.
  • Provides Lobbying Intelligence, Marketing-Consulting and Government Relations.
  • Principle agent is Dominic Sebastiani. Personnel Records are sealed and vague.
  • No web site or known personal email addresses. But elaborate advanced network technology.
  • Appointments are made for all clients’ at their convenience and at any hour.
  • Guaranteed limousine pick up service at all hours and at any airport for commercial or private aircraft. Need we say more regarding The “Mole Digger” on the art of confidentiality?

 Dewey Comstock|
Excerpts and out of context from: The “Mole Digger”™ The American Secret Ghost Government of Foreign Agent Lobbyists. So Real…So Unbelievably Real!™ Discreetly classed as fiction. Purported real, please consider as fiction, any similarity to people, events or entities, alive or dead is coincidental. Amden Publishing, PO Box, 3526, Pinedale, CA 93650-3526. Email: dewey@swiftfoot.com  Website: www.swiftfoot.com    Copyright © 2013,  Amden Publishing. All rights reserved. ISBN: 9780976447528

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