“SpySpin” Mysteries with The “Mole Digger” The American Secret Ghost Government of Foreign Agent Lobbyists.

Rats Felix-Isabell of the Q12 Team

How the KGB, China MSS Intelligence and Terrorists Fronts have infiltrated Governmental Agencies in Washington D.C.

The “Phantom Rats of Washington D.C.”

How it started in San Francisco!
A new chapter challenging the Q12 Team includes, “The Phantom Rats of Washington D.C.” Infiltrating all departments of the government and lobbyists havens on K Street, encircled within the machinations and control of the influence peddlers and power lobbyists of our precious United States, by “The Circle of Power.” All within the radius of only about one mile from the White House.

These clandestine laboratory genetically trained DNA-scent-pheromones rats carry implanted undetectable digital, Quantum Nano-Technology plastic receivers-recorders-transmitters and videos, to scented specific targets. This accelerated rat research transcended from recently discovered archives, in San Francisco-Berkley family attics of the scientific documents containing the secret files of the scientists from the notorious MKULTRA drug program of testing clandestine psychedelic drugs. Active in the 1970’s, in addition to rats testing mind altering drugs, experiments included, on unwitting, uninformed prostitutes and their clients, in San Francisco. A new program again is now currently resurging as active research. For lethal extermination of non-complying or captured rats, they contain GPS remote control self-destruct odorless mummifying chemical agents.

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