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About Dewey Comstock

Dr. Dewey Comstock has been bestowed with the title of:
“America’s Most Famous Unknown Reclusive Author”
But his critics should be so endowed as to be sequestered in this reclusive retreat
at the Q12 Riverfox Nano-Tech Research Center, high in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.
Two of his affable critics have classified his writings as a “Disreputable scribbler,” and “Delirious Ravings in Fantasyland.”
But Dr. Dewey liked the expletive quotes so much he adopted them.
Even flirtatiously quoting them when he is writing under his pen-named characters, just to mention a few, as the illusive Dewey Comstock, Dominic Sebastiani, Sophia Deveraux, Dena Martinez and others of the ubiquitous Q12 Team.
The name The “Mole Digger!™ was whimsically tagged on to Dr. Dewey Comstock by the inmates of a Federal Prison when he doctored inside the prison as a Physician for 12 years. Dr. Dewey has often stressed and witnessed the reality of future terrorist’s recruitment inside the prison system with sophisticated cell phone operations & beyond.
Daring provocative fun tales in humor, corruption, deception, intrigue, treason and beyond.
“So Real…So Unbelievably Real,”™ Discreetly classified as fiction.
Roguishly witty, discriminately of habit and relentlessly creative and innovative. Dr Dewey Comstock is the embodiment of a non-literary stereo–type, a delightfully funny personality, both deeply inventive and determinedly non-destructible, a man who lives by daring and writes prolifically, sometimes for the sheer delight. His main quest in life is to revive knight-errantry in a world devoid of chivalric virtues and values.
Email: dewey@swiftfoot.com Website: www.swiftfoot.com

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