Dominic Sebastiani, Sophia Deveraux and Dena Martinez, Q12 Team

Dewey Comstock

Tales of America’s most unaccountable current unknown enemy spies, with America’s most famous unknown reclusive author. The title The “Mole Digger”™ was originally whimsically tagged on to the author Dr. Dewey Comstock by the inmates of a Federal Prison when he doctored inside the prison as a Physician for 12 years, in addition to his doctoring for 7 years inside a State Mental Hospital, including the criminally insane ward, before retiring.  Dr. Dewey has now assigned the title to Master Agent-Operative Dominic Sebastiani. Thus, the title, The “Mole Digger”™ was currently unabashedly tagged to Dominic Sebastiani by the inmates, when Dominic was incarcerated in a Federal Prison.

A Former gang member, Dominic was falsely convicted, incarcerated, later released and his record expunged. Motivated to a higher worthy direction, he was recruited as a CIA-FBI, Link Agent-Operative, Dominic Sebastiani Q12,  with special agents, Sophia Deveraux and Dena Martinez, under the title project of The “Mole Digger.”™ Ferreting out “MOLES” in the CIA-FBI, Foreign Agent Lobbyists, Russian KGB, China MSS Intelligence, Terrorists Fronts and the unaccountable beyond!

 Excerpts and out of context.  So Real…So Unbelievably Real! Discreetly classed as fiction.  Purported real, please consider as fiction, any similarity to people, events or entities, alive or dead is coincidental. Amden Publishing, PO Box, 3526, Pinedale, CA 93650-3526. Email: 
Website:   Digital Phone/Fax/VM: 559-447-9393. Copyright © 2013, Amden Publishing. All rights reserved. ISBN: 9780976447528






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