Dewey Comstock, America’s Most Famous Unknown Reclusive Author.

CARTOON-Dewey on Camel 1-20-13

America‘s most famous unknown reclusive author:

Funny the world still hasn’t discovered his genius. 

Dewey Comstock on being: BOLD, BRASH, DARING & SASSY!
“Delirious Ravings in Fantasyland.” Dr. Dewey Comstock, under one of his famous pen-names as Dominic Sebastiani Sophia Deveraux,  Dena Martinez and as America’s most famous unknown reclusive author. His life has been fascinatingly, “So Real…So Unbelievably Real”TM he discreetly classes it as fiction. Now in 2013 when Dr. Dewey is 83 years old does he have answers for the folks with Alzheimer’s? Of course not! But he does have some fun answers in Fantasyland. At a point in life when many men think of retirement, he could look back on his life which has filled his moments in time, before the writing of his 13 books, 30 years of television producing and directing, Doctoring as a Physician for 40 years, and for not one but many careers, most of which would singularly have earned him a place in his fascination of “Living in an Attitude of Fantasyland.”

 With the publication of The “Mole Digger” TM Spy Mysteries and “SpySpin”TM Adventures, he started yet another career, as a young Novelist-Journalist, this time producing works of reality with the tinge of fiction, “So Real…So Unbelievably Real”TM Often discreetly classed as fiction. Comstock is uniquely fitted with his varied experiences and abilities, but the true nature of those experiences some of which in writing, The “Mole Digger” are clandestine and comically flirtatious. Some of his contemporaries who do not like him or his writings classified Dr. Dewey with a number of unsavory terms including that as a “Disreputable scribbler,” and “Delirious Ravings in Fantasyland.” Even when writing under his pen-named characters, just to mention a few, of the Q12 Team, as the illusive Dewey Comstock, Dominic Sebastiani, Sophia Deveraux and  Dena Martinez with others of the ubiquitous Q12 Team

 Dewey Comstock: Excerpts and out of context from: The “Mole Digger”™ The American Secret Ghost Government of Foreign Agent Lobbyists. So Real…So Unbelievably Real!™ Discreetly classed as fiction. Purported real, please consider as fiction, any similarity to people, events or entities, alive or dead is coincidental. Amden Publishing, PO Box, 3526, Pinedale, CA 93650-3526. Email:  Website: Copyright © 2013,  Amden Publishing. All rights reserved. ISBN: 9780976447528


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