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The Bold Greed and Daring of the Foreign Agent Lobbyist!

It’s not often that you can secure the undivided attention of a room­ful of the most influential Lobbyists and particularly Foreign Agent Lobbyists, but that was the sce­nario at a recent meeting in WashingtonD.C. The keynote presentation was on How the KGB, China MSS Intelligence and Domestic and Foreign Terrorist Fronts infiltrate Congress, The FBI-CIA, The State Department, Pentagon and other evasive entities. The speaker was Dominic Sebastiani, the furtive director of the Q12 Team. Dominic is known for his aggressive prosecution and exposure of many Moles in surprising governmental places.

 At the meeting  Sebastiani didn’t just assail against lobbying greed — he effectively terrified men and women who had held fiduciary elected positions in all phases of government but also the appointed heads of responsible positions in governmental positions, The FBI-CIA, The State and Defense Departments, Pentagon and other evasive entities. Outsourcing and the legacy system of the revolving door of Trader Insider Influence Peddling by spelling out the very scary implications of their ostensible-vicarious guilt with the actions of their Foreign Agent Lobbying clients. In addition to the burgeoning crisis of the infiltration and penetration of KGB, China MSS Intelligence, including the numerous Radical Terrorist Fronts. The infiltrating and/or clandestinely setting up their own private lobbying firms is very successful. The extent of perceived infusion of espionage and spying and other evasive entities was startling frightening.

 “The former Congressional aides, members of Congress and departmental heads who are galloping into the Foreign Agent Lobbying business are enticed only by the money, but their dreams will become a nightmare, Sebastiani warned. The impending apparition is already upon us.” Bribery, collusion, espionage, using Foreign Agent Lobbyists fronts is rampant, he added, thanks to a combination of tricky greed, distorted values and volcanic pressure from the foreign clients, exposes all governmental and private lobbying to corruption, bribery and political cronyism. It is perceived by some that The Foreign Agent Lobbyists have contributed to the pending American born radical entities with a legitimate portal of entry. Dominic was asked “What, if anything, can be done to avoid, The Perfect Storm of greed and apparent contempt by the Foreign Agent Lobbyists invasion of our presumed Democratic Government”?

 “Contemptibly little — we are facing an un-reversible tsunami.” In fact, Sebastiani predicted, it’s virtually inevitable that this country faces, in addition to our mounting financial, health and social problems ” a gigantic, massive volcanic eruption of the anger Americans are harboring towards our dysfunctional and perceived corrupted central government in Washington, D.C., regardless of party affiliation,”

 And it gets worse — “there’s the looming resurgence of American Born Radical Terrorists, Militias and even the KuKlux clan, which Sebastiani predicted will be the biggest challenges, in addition to our outsourced American industries. Don’t expect to see any lessening of these challenges regardless of any party affiliation.” Dewey Comstock
So Real…So Unbelievably Real!™ Discreetly classed as fiction.

Dewey Comstock, Excerpts and out of context from: The “Mole Digger”™ The American Secret Ghost Government of Foreign Agent Lobbyists. So Real…So Unbelievably Real!™ Discreetly classed as fiction. Purported real, please consider as fiction, any similarity to people, events or entities, alive or dead is coincidental Amden Publishing, PO Box, 3526, Pinedale, CA93650-3526. Email:  Website:  Digital Phone/Fax/VM: 559-447-9393. Copyright © 2013, Amden Publishing. All rights reserved. ISBN: 9780976447528








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