The “Mole Digger” Book

The "Mole Digger"

The “Mole Digger”

Dewey Comstock, Author
America’s Most Famous Unknown Reclusive Author

Provocative Confidential Memoirs, Files and Journals of “Spy-Spin” Master, The “Mole Digger,” Dominic Sebastiani, the Q12 Team and Lobbying Intelligence. The whimsical forerunner of daring tales in humor, deceit, deception, corruption, treason and beyond. KGB, China MSS Intelligence and Terrorist Fronts infiltrate Congress, The FBI-CIA, The State Department, The Defense Department, Pentagon and the unknown entities What started as a frolicking unmasking of the Foreign Agent Lobbyists, unfolded into massive unpredictable expose’s.
So Real…So Unbelievably Real!™ Discreetly classed as fictiondragons real k st.1-25-13-

I let all Foreign Agent Lobbyists in my door. Strictly Business!

Let’s face it, if the Foreign Agent Lobbyists aren’t in partnership and collusion with some members of Congress and the committees, then they wouldn’t be in business with their fat fees. Especially, in their machinations with the heads of the State Department, Pentagon, Defense Department and beyond! But with a fat reward job waiting for them. Public Perception, no different if members of the Q12 Team had lunch every day with the Mafia.

 Why should we have to pay a Lobbyist?  Direct quote from the internet.
“Were it not for the poor vision and self centered thinking of our leaders, why do we need a foreigner to promote us and make appointments for us to see American business persons, or to receive grants allowed by the US government…Why, when…we have hundreds of men and women trained and well versed in American business and socio-culture, as well as paid Embassy and Consulate staff?” (Kwaku A. Danso, Ghanaweb, 2008-06-17)

Ghanaweb – Kojo Poku report-Why Govt Paid $1.3 Million to Lobbyist. The Whitaker Group / Prince Osei-Bonsu Response – on Ghanaweb. Political Activity Defined- Read the “FARA” Footnote and tell us what you think! Before you do, tell us which definition of “Political Activity” the Whitaker Group is clinging to in their 10 June response! 

Tales of America’s most unaccountable current unknown enemy spies, with America’s most famous unknown  reclusive author.

The title The “Mole Digger!™ was originally whimsically tagged on to the author Dr. Dewey Comstock by the inmates of a Federal Prison when he doctored inside the prison as a Physician for 12 years, in addition to his doctoring for 7 years inside a State Mental Hospital, including the criminally insane ward, before retiring.  Dr. Dewey has now assigned the title to Master Agent-Operative Dominic Sebastiani. Thus, the title The “Mole Digger”™ is currently unabashedly tagged to Dominic Sebastiani by the inmates, when Dominic was incarcerated in a Federal Prison.

A Former gang member, Dominic was falsely convicted, incarcerated, later released and his record expunged. Motivated to a higher worthy direction, he was recruited as a CIA-FBI, Link Agent-Operative, Dominic Sebastiani Q12, under the title project of The “Mole Digger.”™ Ferreting out “MOLES” in the CIA-FBI, Foreign Agent Lobbyists, Governmental Agencies, Out sourced Security and the unaccountable beyond! So Real…So Unbelievably Real! Discreetly classed as fiction.

This debut novel is the confidential journal, files and notes of theMaster of Spy-Spin, Dominic Sebastiani, compiled with the archives of Master Emeritus Journalist, Dewey Comstock. Also, the adventure stories of the people who have accelerated the Lobbying Business, into the dynamic escalation of Foreign Agent Lobbyist Enterprises.

Each chapter can stand on its own as a section of a newspaper story, by one of the newspaper’s leading journalists. Since each chapter is essentially a continuous sequence of interviews with Dominic and strips from various news sources, the segments fit well into the whole and provides intuitive insight into the Foreign Agent Lobbyist Business. Dewey Comstock, writes with an inner focused eye and is roguishly witty. Often the chapters take a circuitous twist of events and even appear to be “So Real…So Unbelievably Real.” Discreetly classified as fiction.

On, under books, Dewey Comstock, Author, ISBN: 9780976447528 Book title:The “Mole Digger”, Mysteries!  

Excerpts and out of context from: The “Mole Digger”™ The American Secret Ghost Government of Foreign Agent Lobbyists. So Real…So Unbelievably Real!™ Discreetly classed as fiction. Purported real, please consider as fiction, any similarity to people, events or entities, alive or dead is coincidental. Amden Publishing, PO Box, 3526, Pinedale, CA93650-3526. Email:  Website:  
Digital Phone/Fax/VM: 559-447-9393. Copyright © 2013,
Amden Publishing. All rights reserved. ISBN: 9780976447528

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